Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry for a lack of updates! I've been quite busy taking full advantage of the free time I have, as the roomies have been out for a few weeks. Opportunities like this don't happen often, so I'm having a blasty-blast reorganizing my old PS2 collection and getting some decent GBA/DS roms to power through. I'm also working to put some money towards school and (hopefully) a PSP so I can finish up some PS1 RPGs I've been dying to hit. In other news, I was able to get a PS2 emulator working on my computer, load, hack, and re-insert saves into GBA carts, and get Jdownloader to run through a rotating list of proxies! Information on how to accomplish all of this and more, coming soon!


  1. Congrats on getting a PS2 emulator to work lol. I could do it at all, even though the PS1 runs smoothly and I even play 360 games on this thing thanks to Steam. So it should clearly be able to handle them :/ Either way enjoy the free time while you have it!

  2. Well done! Looking forward to the info, don't leave us hanging for too long!