Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a quick personal update!

So, I've been struggling for months against the bureaucracy of college financial aid. Apparently, for one semester I attended, they didn't pay my class fees. This in turn has caused them to put a hold on my ability to register for future classes, as well as blocking my further registration for financial aid. After trying to get them to retroactively pay for it for a few months, I decided to simply pay it off myself only to find out that it'd been juggled back to a few collection agencies. After tracing it across a few companies, I was finally able to locate where it ended up and take care of it.

What a system..

So! Hopefully I'll be able to get back into classes this semester, although the selection is a bit sparse. Working for minimum wage at 22 and NOT attending school was just dragging me down emotionally, so I'm really hoping this will be the change of pace I desperately need. Crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry for a lack of updates! I've been quite busy taking full advantage of the free time I have, as the roomies have been out for a few weeks. Opportunities like this don't happen often, so I'm having a blasty-blast reorganizing my old PS2 collection and getting some decent GBA/DS roms to power through. I'm also working to put some money towards school and (hopefully) a PSP so I can finish up some PS1 RPGs I've been dying to hit. In other news, I was able to get a PS2 emulator working on my computer, load, hack, and re-insert saves into GBA carts, and get Jdownloader to run through a rotating list of proxies! Information on how to accomplish all of this and more, coming soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earthbound (Mother) 0

So yesterday, I decided to start up a new game of Earthbound Zero.

To quickly bring people up to speed, this game was basically the precursor to the Earthbound title that was released on the SNES in America. According to rumors, this game was developed and released in Japan for the original Famicom but never saw an overseas release. However, a few minutes on Google will turn up several sites offering roms and translation patches for those of you who might like to take a peek at this game.

The game basically comes off as a "beta" version of Earthbound. The story and dialogue are sparse, but there is a certain wry humor to it. Early battles pit you against lampshades and hippies. It is also worth noting that this game has fairly difficult - the experience gains are slow and the encounters are incredibly frequent in some areas, rendering this game a very time consuming challenge. There is, however, a patch to this game that increases the rate of experience gained.

I'll be playing into this game a little bit more, after which I'll deliver a more fleshed out review.
If anyone has any questions as to how to set up or patch this game to make it playable in English, feel free to comment!

Here are some links to get you started: - Information and patch downloads - Very comprehensive walkthrough

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Post

Hello, world!

So this will be a blog in which I discuss some of the finer points of RPG gaming, including the caveats and tropes of the genre. I will also be posting screenshots and articles relating to the games I am playing through, including story summations and recommendations! Please subscribe or follow, and stay tuned for many (hopefully) awesome things to follow.